frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What is the current state of development?

We have a second generation prototype. Improvements have been made on our first unit and implemented in v2. Improvements can and will be made once production for the retail market begins. We estimate a maximum of 1 year from funding to the unit shipping.

How long can I feed my tank with this unit?

That depends on how much you feed. At one full cube per day, you can feed for 7 days. At a half cube per day 12. Quarter Cube 20 days. This is achieved using interchangeable feed carousels. We will be selling a cube cutter to precisely cut cubes into halves and quarters as well as molds if you like to make your own frozen food.

How big is the freezer unit? How about the control unit?

The main unit is 4" square by 3.5" tall. The control unit is still in development and will likely by similarly sized to other control units for skimmers, pumps etc.

What do I need to mount this on my tank?

The unit comes with an interchangeable mount for rimless, euro-braced, or rimmed tanks. Additionally a base unit is in development(inD) to allow remote placement basically anywhere near your aquarium.

Will I be able to control this with my phone? With my Apex? GHL or other control unit?

0-10v control of the unit is planned for the production model which will allow you to trigger it with an aquarium controller capable of 0-10v output. We will happily colaborate with any company if they would like a more advanced interface with the aF⁴. App control is not planned for this release.